American Recovery Systems, Inc. can help you in all of your collection, people location, and investigation needs.

Specializing in the following services:

  • Bad Checks
  • Commercial Collections
  • Credit Reporting
  • Litigation
  • Medical Collections
  • Pre Collection
  • Retail Collection
  • Skip Tracing (with over 90% recovery)
  • Why Should You Use A Collection Agency?

    "The failing economy is in crisis and debt is mounting everywhere! It seems everyone has some input on the state of the economy and the effect on your business. We know the strain that the economy is putting on your company better than most. We are here as professionals to take that strain from you and to help you to stay afloat in these difficult times.


    TIME AND PAYROLL- It takes time to talk to the consumer and follow up on disputes, broken arrangements, etc and you are paying your employees to handle these accounts.

    POSTAGE- Each consumer letter that you send out is costing your company additional time and money for paper, ink, and postage.

    The No Penalty Thinking Factor - In many consumers’ minds a debt is only as serious as the consequence of non-payment. By not paying for service a consumer may or may not lose service with you. This, however, does not affect them beyond that point, this means that they can simply establish a similar relationship with another company and eventually not pay for those services and continue the damaging domino effect.

    The ARSI Risk Free Gauarantee - We take the calls, make the calls, answer the disputes, and pay the cost! We mail the letters- and pay the cost! We place all unpaid balances with the credit bureaus to a) warn other companies of the potential loss b) cause a direct effect on the consumers’ lifestyle by lowering the credit rating c) guarantee payment in most cases if the consumer buys a home or refinances … AND WE PAY THE COST! We pick up the tab so that you don’t have to. Our only motivation is to collect your accounts otherwise we do not get paid… thus the RISK FREE GUARANTEE!

    Please know that our agency is here to help in these hard times and that we will guarantee our persistence in all aspects of our company and our relationships with our clients.

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